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The Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts will hold its second edition on April 17th, 18th and 19th of 2009, featuring over 35 new media artists and electronic musicians that represent the forefront of the industry.

Communikey events provide creative forums for the exploration of electronic music and new media arts in intimate environments, reflecting the global organism that is technology based fine-arts. The Festival hosts a 3-day contribution to these arts. Software workshops, installations, a film screening and panel discussion lay the ground-work for thought and discourse. Campus activities are followed by evening showcases, children's program, parade, picnic and finale.

Held on Earth Day weekend, the question is continually asked: "Are technology based fine arts sustainable?" We examine this issue and foster change by supporting sustainable resources in a digital world. A zero waste program, bio-fueled picnic, and pedestrian/cyclist transportation methods bind the electronic arts to sustainable lifestyle.