CMKY 4th Edition April 13-17 2011

live music : workshops : parade : discourse : magic : kids-patch : dancing : bicycles : surprises : live cinema : experience


A few of the acts slated to perform at the 4th edition of the Communikey Festival include the infamous ATOM TM, Ableton developer MONOLAKE, GAMELATRON the world’s first and only fully robotic Gamelan Orchestra, MARK MCGUIRE of Emeralds, DARK DARK DARK performing as themselves and to the film FLOOD TIDE REMIXED, Detroit legend MIKE HUCKABY, Zizek Record’s CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO and label head EL G, the audio responsive dynamic lighting installation of AUDIOPIXEL, tape loop artist WILLIAM BASINSKI, and The Bunker’s mastermind returning for a 3rd appearance, SPINOZA.

Communikey will continue to release names over the coming weeks, including performances, workshops, film screenings and installations.

The 2011 festival website goes live in early February and early bird passes will go on sale beginning January 26 with a limited number of festival passes available at the early bird price of $65 USD. Tickets are available on the website and at brown paper tickets.

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CMKY 4th Edition Theme Announced

Reclaiming The Festival

The festival once served as a celebratory interval in the day to day experience. The entire community would engage in this process, extending the celebration from nights into days into weeks, through food, dance, performance, parade and exploration of cultural traditions. Our era is one of structure, working hours, and weekends, national holidays defining when and what will be celebrated, and never for more than a moment at a time.

While these structures have served the modern world greatly, we intend to reclaim the festival, embracing structure and chaos in its complexity, and honoring the liminal, the space where festival came to be. There is a tension and release in these liminal spaces, which is where we will play with this year’s programming, exploring time, space and the limitless potential of what can be, in the space in between. Exploring the spontaneous and the unexpected, this year’s theme holds space to a series of secret passages, occurring within and without the overarching events, reclaiming the idea of festival.

The ancient concepts of jubilee and saturnalia originate in an intuition that certain events lie outside the scope of “profane time,” the measuring-rod of the State and of History. These holidays literally occupied gaps in the calendar–intercalary intervals. By the Middle Ages, nearly a third of the year was given over to holidays. Perhaps the riots against calendar reform had less to do with the “eleven lost days” than with a sense that imperial science was conspiring to close up these gaps in the calendar where the people’s freedoms had accumulated–a coup d’etat, a mapping of the year, a seizure of time itself, turning the organic cosmos into a clockwork universe.

(Hakim Bey – The Temporary Antonymous Zone – Pirate Utopias) taz3.html